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About the author
     Joan L. Cannon was born in New York city, where she went to school until college. Reading and the teachers in her life inspired her. When she got serious about writing, she took the Writer's Digest correspondence courses, attended Connecticut Writers' League seminars, a day-long seminar with Sol Stein, and a Wesleyan University Writers' Conference, as well as other workshops.
     Most of her adult life was spent in a village in western Connecticut with her husband and their children, dogs, cats, horses, and other pets, enjoying the country life.
     Many years volunteering with her husband in the local little theater, the library, and various town agencies, along with teaching (English and drama) in the local high school, managing a museum store, and a variety of other jobs, left too little time to try to realize her childhood ambition--to write fiction.
     She didn't begin to write for publication until she had a computer, the children were grown, and she had retired.
Since then, she has published short stories in both literary
and commercial magazines: Pulpsmith, Seacoast Life, Grit, Thema, The Modern Woodmen, Cappers, ELF, Expressions, as well as profiles, reviews, and features for newspapers near her home.  A short story collection was released in 2011.  
     Now she writes a column and book reviews for the online magazine called Senior Women Web. She is seeking an agent for her third literary novel with the working title, Second Growth.
     "I am interested in stories that develop from the characters in them, that provide a view of life as it might appear if the reader could see inside the hearts and minds of the actors in it. Atmosphere and natural surroundings are vital to my narratives because they lend the scenes credibility--verisimilitude, and because the planet where we find ourselves deserves (to quote Arthur Miller), 'attention must be paid.'"


Roger and me with a friend
Roger Cannon, 1928-2009

Training Shenan

Lee, Vance and Hal

    Now she lives in North Carolina
with the Blue Ridge Mountains as a backdrop.

"My characters are drawn from people I have met and blended with the strangers from my imagination who act out the story. The settings are places I know; my themes come from what I have observed and value."

"Character, setting--those are what make a story come alive; theme is what makes a story matter."

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