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     Ruth Duchamp leaves New York in order to find a way to come to terms with a future she she fears. She and her husband Alex married not so much in haste as with too little self-knowledge.  Attractive without being conventionally pretty, red-haired Ruth is a product of the rock-bound coast of Maine with all that implies. Alex, an orphan from a small Quebec town, is so handsome he turns heads wherever he goes. Reared by a simple couple who adopt him, he has always felt out of place. After meeting her in New York, Alex is intrigued by Ruth's differences from other women he has known, and she is drawn by his extraordinary looks and air of mystery. Over the years, disappointments and unrealized hopes make Alex vulnerable to a predatory woman.                                    
       Ruth refuses to give him a divorce.
Read how the two learn to settle their differences, settle for the best life has to offer, and to settle down.

Maiden Run is a story about what home can mean to those fortunate enough to have spent their early lives in a place with a family history. It opens when the three Adams children face the fateful summer when Maiden Run seems besieged. The echoes of the that summer sound in each of their lives thereafter. The theme of what is so often lost to "progress" runs through the story the way Maiden Run flows through the farm. Finally, the Adams children must deal wach in his or her own way with how to continue without the place, and we are reminded of how deep some roots grow.

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